Sticking to 500 calories has never been easier!

5:2 Diet Photos is the perfect, problem-solving companion for everyone who has tried, failed or wanted to start the popular 5:2 diet. Offering a platter of 60 delicious low-calorie recipes, 30 snacks and 600 mouth-watering food photos, it finally answers the dieter’s dilemma, “what can I eat on my two 500 calorie days?”.

Knowing what to eat on these 2 weekly fasting days is key; having flexibility with food choices and looking forward to an appetising meal helps maintain motivation and allows dieters to plan ahead.

Our track record

Carbs & Cals has been running for 6 years, and we’re super proud that it continues to help thousands of people to lose weight each year.

What does 500 calories look like?

Shows you how to implement the diet, making it easier to choose foods on your fasting days.

Stay fuller for longer

Use the traffic lights to find foods that are high in protein (to keep you fuller for longer) and low in fat.

Be inspired!

With 60 low calorie recipes, 30 tasty snacks and 600 food photos, you’ll be cooking up a storm in no time.

The most clear and helpful diet book I've ever had. Well worth twice the price.

S. Servus

Having the photos makes choosing each week's meals so much easier. Recipes are quick, tasty and nutritious, in fact they are so good we eat them on the non-light eat days.

E. Devon

This book makes life so much easier when doing the fast diet - would highly recommend.

P. Silver

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Carbs & Cals are proud of their continuing role in improving the way people learn about nutrition.

Researched by Diabetes Dietitians

All our resources have been researched and written by Registered Diabetes Specialist Dietitians.

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