VIDEO: CARBS or NO CARBS? Which foods contain carbs?

Take our mini quiz to test your carb knowledge! Which foods contain carbs? We run through 20 foods - do you know which contain CARBS and which have NO CARBS?

CARBS or NO CARBS? Which foods contain carbs?

By Carbs & Cals  //  17 Sep 2020  //  3 minute video

Watch the 3 minute video:

Quick carb knowledge quiz!

Below are 20 foods, but which contain CARBS (4g or more)?
And which have NO CARBS (3g or less)?

TAP or HOVER each image to reveal the answer!

How did you do?

Here’s a quick summary of the 10 foods with carbs, and 10 foods with no carbs (or very little):

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All the foods shown above are from the Carb & Calorie Counter and Carbs & Cals app – the easiest way to track all the food and drink you consume.

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