VIDEO: Carbs in Bread – What you NEED to know!

How many carbs are in bread? This step-by-step breakdown shows how many carbs you’ll find in 10 different types of bread - be it white, granary, or a bread roll!

Carbs in Bread: What you NEED to know!

By Carbs & Cals  //  25 June 2020  //  5 minute video

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Who doesn’t love bread? It’s a staple for people all over the world. But with so many varieties, shapes and sizes it can be tricky to work out the carbs.

Well, we’ve got you covered. Let’s run through 10 common types, and we’ll reveal which bread has the highest amount of carbs, at the end of this article.

1) Sliced Bread

A medium slice of bread (white, wholemeal or granary) contains around 15g of carbs, and thicker slices contain around 20g.

Remember to count the carbs in toast toppings like jam, marmalade, honey and chocolate spread, as they can add a significant amount of carbs to your breakfast.

2) Baps & Buns

While a small bap has around 25g of carbs, a large one has more than double that, at 50 to 60g. If you’re eating out, a typical burger bun has 40g of carbs, and a hot dog roll around 20g.

3) Baguette & Garlic Bread

1 inch of baguette equates to 10g of carbs. Useful to know when estimating the carbs in garlic bread slices, or cutting a chunk of baguette.

4) Bagel

Due to their density, bagels have more carbs than you may think, at 50g. And even a bit more if it’s a sweet or raisin bagel.

5) Ciabatta & Panini

Next we have some lunchtime favourites. Ciabattas and paninis have a typical carb content of around 50g.

6) Tortilla

And a large tortilla, used for fajitas, burritos and wraps, contains around 35g of carbs.

Remember to count the carbs in the fillings, such as rice, beans, salsa, sweet sauces and chutneys.

7) Chapati & Paratha

Chapatis and parathas are made in a variety of sizes, but a typical chapati comes in at 15 to 20g carbs, and a paratha between 30 and 40g.

8) Poppadum

Is a poppadom a type of bread? …yeah, why not! Small ones have 4g of carbs, and large ones 7g. These may sound like low numbers, but try having just one poppadom next time they’re placed in front of you! They can be irresistible, especially if you’ve got the munchies waiting for that delicious curry to arrive!

And the carbs can soon add up – chomp through 3 large poppadoms and you’ve just added 20g of carbs to your meal. Plus, remember to add the carbs from the mango & sweet chutneys too!

9) Pitta Bread

Pitta breads range from 20g of carbs for a mini, doubling to 40g for a standard size, and nearly 50g of carbs for a big pitta.

Useful to know for that Friday night kebab! You can see here that the majority of carbs in this kebab are coming from the pitta bread.

Which bread has the most carbs?

But which type of bread has the highest carb content? All the varieties so far have ranged from 4g (a small poppadom) to 60g (a large bap). But there’s another type that has even more…

The 10th bread is an Indian takeaway favourite for sure. It is, of course, the naan bread.

10) Naan Bread

While a small one has 30g, a full-size naan can have 70g of carbs or even more.

So consider sharing your naan with your nan (if she happens to be there) or anyone else!

Carb Counting Tips

Wanna know the quickest way to estimate the carbs in bread? Simply half the weight of the bread. The number you get is roughly the amount of carbs it contains. So, a piece of bread weighing 80g will have around 40g of carbs.

And to get more fibre, wherever possible, choose wholegrain options, which can have double the fibre of white varieties. This is an easy way to boost your fibre intake.

The easiest way to count carbs in bread!

All the foods shown above are from the Carb & Calorie Counter & World Foods Book books and Carbs & Cals app.

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