VIDEO: Healthy Picnic Food… 10 Smart Swaps!

Sun shining? Get outdoors for a healthy picnic! Here are 10 simple picnic swaps to ✓ SAVE CALORIES ✓ REDUCE FAT & SUGAR ✓ BOOST FIBRE & 5-A-DAY! Lay out the picnic blanket, and let the swaps begin!

Healthy Picnic Food: 10 Smart Swaps!

By Carbs & Cals  //  6 Aug 2020  //  2 minute video

Watch the 2 minute video:

If the sun’s shining, it’s time for some outdoor dining!  Here are 10 great picnic swaps, helping you make healthier choices.  Save calories, fat and sugar; and bump up fibre and 5-a-day.  Let’s see what’s in the picnic hamper!

1) Salad

Swap Greek salad for bean salad to save 18g fat and gain 5g fibre.

2) Salad

Swap pasta mozzarella salad for tuna nicoise salad to save 63g carbs and 330 calories.

3) Quiche

Swap quiche lorraine for salmon frittata to save 18g carbs and 105 calories.

4) Sandwich

Swap half a cheese pickle sandwich for half a chicken salad sandwich to save 5g saturated fat.

5) Potato Salad

Swap potato salad with mayo for new potatoes with a parsley dressing (see dressing in the Carbs & Cals SALADS book) to save 90 calories and 11g fat.

6) Tortilla Chips → Veg

Swap tortilla chips for cherry tomatoes and carrot sticks to save 205 calories and gain 2 portions of 5-a-day.

7) Chicken

Swap chicken drumsticks for chicken satay skewers to save 105 calories and 5g fat.

8) Ice Cream

Swap an ice cream lolly for a choc ice to save 120 calories and 7g fat.

9) Cup Cake → Cherries

Swap a cup cake for some cherries to save 230 calories and gain 1 portion of 5-a-day.

10) Lemonade

Swap fresh lemonade for fizzy water with mint & lemon to save 47g carbs and 47g sugar!

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