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Let’s be honest, staying healthy can be tough. We are bombarded with delicious but unhealthy treats at every turn: biscuits in meetings, syrup in coffees and goodness knows how much butter they slap in your sandwich at the local deli! Carbs & Cals is here to put YOU in control, helping you to be conscious of your consumption.

Our super-visual books have an array of healthy recipes and thousands of individual food photos, all with the nutritional values clearly displayed. Our goal is to help you find a yummy, tasty, healthy regime that you can stick to… for good.

Our track record

Carbs & Cals has been running for 6 years, and we’re super proud that we continue to help improve the health of thousands of people each year.

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Be inspired!

A range of mouth-watering recipes, plus individual food photos to inspire you to create your own.

Are you getting your 5-a-day?

1 in 3 UK adults don’t meet their fruit & veg target. We help you stay out of that statistic!

The easiest way to count calories

Photos allow you to quickly gauge the amount of calories in the food and drink you consume.

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Can't praise this highly enough; earlier reviews say it all. Why has this not been thought of before? It makes sensible food choices so much easier.

B. Gregory

Great little guide book on healthy foods & food portions. Very handy.

A. Hipwood

Excellent book - clear and concise instructions with a good variety of recipes.

E. Cavimad

Products relevant for healthy eating

Several of our products are helpful for healthy eating. Click on each cover to find out more!

Revolutionising nutrition education

Carbs & Cals are proud of their continuing role in improving the way people learn about nutrition.

Researched by Registered Dietitians

All the Carbs & Cals resources have been carefully researched and written by Registered Dietitians.

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