The ultimate visual guide for gestational diabetes

The latest Carbs & Cals book (supported by Diabetes UK) visually shows what you can eat, and offers inspiration about new foods and how they can be included in your diet. It will also help you make healthy changes to your nutrition and physical activity habits that can last a lifetime.

The book includes 80 recipes and 20 snacks, all carefully crafted by diabetes specialist dietitians. A range of meal plans are also included, showing you how to manage your carb intake to keep your blood glucose levels well under control. We can help make your pregnancy as healthy and enjoyable as possible!

Our track record

Carbs & Cals has been running for 6 years, and we’re super proud that it continues to improve the lives of thousands of people with diabetes each year.

Understand your carb intake

Monitoring the amount and types of carbs you consume is key to managing your blood glucose levels during pregnancy.

Get inspired with our daily meal plans!

Use our daily meals plans to take the hard work out of deciding what to eat. Created by registered dietitians who specialise in diabetes.

The easiest way to manage your diabetes

Get all your questions answered in our easy-to-read introduction. Includes sections on carbs, fat, protein, drinks, caffeine, vitamins and calcium.

Products relevant to gestational diabetes

Several of our products are helpful for gestational diabetes. Click on each cover to find out more!

Supported by Diabetes UK

Carbs & Cals GESTATIONAL DIABETES is supported by Diabetes UK and carries their logo on the cover.

Researched by Diabetes Dietitians

All our resources have been researched and written by Registered Diabetes Specialist Dietitians.

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