Why is this book amazing?

Our customers asked for something a bit smaller than the CARB & CALORIE COUNTER book, and we responded by making the Carbs & Cals POCKET COUNTER. It contains the same foods as the main book, but just 1 portion of each – perfect for when out and about!

How can this book help me?

We definitely recommend that people use the larger CARB & CALORIE COUNTER book first, as it contains up to 6 potions of each food. As an add-on, this dinky version is a great calorie and nutrient reference tool to always have to hand.

If you already have the larger version and are looking for something small to keep in your bag, this is the perfect carb counting mini-me!

Top features

food & drink photos
food categories
for carbs, cals, protein, fat, sat fat and 5-a-day fruit & veg

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