Why is this book amazing?

Being diagnosed with gestational diabetes can be a daunting experience. Many people are advised to follow a carb-controlled diet and keep a close eye on food consumption during their pregnancy. Carbs & Cals GESTATIONAL DIABETES makes this easy, offering 80 delicious recipes, 20 quick & tasty snacks and 14 daily meal plans to provide inspiration and education about what you can eat.

How can this book help me?

This book (supported by Diabetes UK) is the essential guide for anyone with gestational diabetes. You don’t have to worry about what you can eat with this book! All the delicious recipes have been carefully crafted by diabetes specialist dietitians, so your carb consumption (and therefore blood sugar levels) are well under control.

Top features

carb-controlled recipes
quick & easy snacks
daily meal plans
photos of individual foods

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