How can these flashcards help me?

Make no mistake, learning to count carbs (and calories) is tricky! The Carbs & Cals FLASHCARDS are designed to help. Use the cards at home, or in a clinical setting, to practise assessing the nutritional content of food using this easy-to-understand, practical, visual tool.

Each pack contains 64 large, durable cards showing photos of popular food & drinks. One side of each card displays the portion and the reverse shows the same photo with the nutrients.

PACK 1 contains 64 cards featuring foods and drinks containing carbs. Perfect for carb counting & diabetes.

PACK 2 contains 64 cards featuring foods both with and without carbs. Ideal for calorie and carb counting for weight loss & diabetes.

WORLD FOODS PACK contains 64 cards featuring African, Arabic, Caribbean and South Asian foods, for diabetes and weight loss.

Use both packs together, to create a jumbo pack of 192 cards!

flashcards in each pack
for carbs, cals, protein, fat, sat fat, fibre and 5-a-day fruit & veg
sides (with & without values)
cards, by combining the packs!

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