The only carb & calorie counting app to use food photos!

The Carbs & Cals App is the only carb and calorie counting app that uses food portion photos. This revolutionary approach allows you to visually compare the food on your plate to the photos in the app, to quickly see the nutrients in your meal.

The Carbs & Cals App is perfect for those counting calories, monitoring carbs, looking to improve portion control or lose weight. We’re proud to say that the app won New Product of the Year at the Complete Nutrition Awards.

Award winner!

Count your carbs & cals the easy way

The app contains thousands of food & drink photos, with up to 6 portions for each food. Simply find your food in the database, select your portion and the app does the sums. This visual format makes it the quickest way to monitor your diet on the move.

Take your own food photos too

As well as browsing the 3,500+ photos in the included database, you can also build your own custom database by taking photos of your own food portions and adding the nutritional values. Perfect for foods you consume on a regular basis.

Set your targets and track your diet

Use the automatic BMI calculator to set your own personalised daily targets for carbohydrates, calories, protein & fat. All your meals are logged in the built-in diary which shows you the calories & nutrients remaining in your daily allowance.

Available now from the App Store

I love your app. I’m a visual dieter, so you have made dieting a breeze for me.

R. Pozzuto

I would just like to say how amazing I think this app is. It’s responsible for helping me lose at least 2lbs a week since I started using it.

R. Kearsley

Life would be so much harder without this app. Five star!

Chris B.

Branded Foods

Below is a selection of branded foods we currently have in the Carbs & Cals iOS app.

Available now from the App Store