What is Carbs & Cals?

Carbs & Cals is a unique way of counting carbs, calories and other nutrients. Our products show thousands of photos of food portions, with the nutritional info shown for each photo. Check out our bestselling books & award-winning app. We make carb & calorie counting easy to understand and accessible to everyone.

NEW: YouTube Channel!

The new YouTube channel will have regular videos on carb counting, diabetes, recipes, takeaways, low-carb & weight loss. Be sure to subscribe to the channel (and press the bell) to catch the weekly videos – released every Thursday!


How can Carbs & Cals help?

Carbs & Cals is multi-beneficial! Choose your interest for more info.

At Carbs & Cals, we pride ourselves on making highly effective health books.

We believe our visual method is the best way to be conscious of your consumption.

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