Number 1 book for type 1 diabetes diet

USA Edition of the #1 bestselling carb & calorie counting book to manage your diet & diabetes

Used and recommended by hundreds of diabetes centres, Carbs & Cals is recognised as a leading resource for carbohydrate counting for people with diabetes. It has been the number 1 bestselling carb counting book on Amazon UK for over 3 years running, and has received more than 500 five-star reviews.

We”re proud that Carbs & Cals continues to improve the lives of thousands of people with diabetes every year.

Available as a Book


1,800 photos

The Carbs & Cals book (USA Edition) has over 1,800 full-colour photos. With up to 6 portions for each food, it”s perfect for those learning to count carbs or as a quick reference to manage your diabetes diet.

If you are only going to buy one Carbs & Cals product, we”d recommend this book as it”s very easy to compare foods & portions.

and App!

Carbs & Cals iPhone and Android App for Carb and Calorie Counting

3,500 photos

The Carbs & Cals App for iPhone and Android is the only carb counting app to use food photos, making it the quickest app for calculating the carbs in your meal.

With even more photos than the book and a built-in diary, it is the ultimate carb counting app.

The quickest and easiest way to count carbs

The Carbs & Cals method is both revolutionary and incredibly simple.  We show thousands of food photos with the carbohydrate values clearly displayed above each image.

This visual approach makes it highly effective for learning how to count carbs and manage your diabetes diet.  At a glance, you can quickly gauge the amount of carbs in the food and drink you consume.

Values for calories, fat & fibre are also displayed, so you can easily monitor these other nutrients too.


No more weighing!

Over are the days of weighing your food portions, looking up values in a table and doing complicated calculations.  With Carbs & Cals, you simply compare the portion on your plate to the photos in the book (up to 6 portion sizes for each food) to quickly assess the carb content of your meal.

Pages and nutritional values are all colour-coded, so you can quickly find the foods you are eating and easily see the nutrients you are interested in.

Improve your diabetes management

Carbs & Cals has been proven to offer significant help with carb counting and therefore helps you control your diet & diabetes.

GraphIcon24 70% of people with diabetes say Carbs & Cals has improved their diabetes management.

GraphIcon24 9 out of 10 new users with diabetes would recommend Carbs & Cals to a friend!

experience improved diabetes management

would recommend Carbs & Cals to a friend!


Researched by Diabetes Specialist Dietitians

All of the Carbs & Cals resources have been researched and written by Registered Diabetes Specialist Dietitians.

The content is regularly checked and updated to reflect current guidelines and nutritional information.