The Carbs & Cals Book

Our flagship carb and calorie counter book is the quickest and easiest way to count your carbs, calories, protein, fat, saturated fat and fibre.  Simply compare the food on your plate with the portions in the book to quickly see the nutritional content of your meal.

The Carbs & Cals book has been the bestselling carb & calorie counting book on Amazon for 3 years running, and is recommended by healthcare professionals nationwide.

Over 1,700 photos of popular food & drinks
Up to 6 portion photos for each food item
Values for carbs, calories, protein, fat, sat fat & fibre

Carbs & Cals Smoothies

The perfect smoothie book for the health-conscious. Featuring 80 delicious recipes, the book is beautifully presented showing detailed nutritional information for every smoothie.

Includes smoothies under 50 calories, high-protein & high-fibre recipes, lots of general recipes and 10 mega smoothies containing all 5 of your 5-a-day!

Whether you’re on a low-calorie, high-fibre or high-protein diet, or just want to achieve your 5-a-day fruit & veg, this is the ideal smoothie book for you.

80 delicious healthy smoothie recipes
275 photos of ingredients to create your own recipes
Values for carbs, calories, protein, fat & fibre

Carbs & Cals Pocket Counter carb and calorie counter book

Pocket Counter

If you’ve already got the main Carbs & Cals book and are looking for something smaller to carry with you in your bag, the Carbs & Cals Pocket Counter is the perfect companion.

It has all the same foods as the larger book, but only one portion of each item. Excellent for a quick reference on the move.

Over 700 photos of popular food & drinks
1 portion photo for each food item
Values for carbs, calories, protein, fat, sat fat & fibre
5-2 Diet Photos 3D Book Cover

5:2 Diet Photos

On the 5:2 diet?  This new book is the perfect companion! Browse the 600 food photos to quickly find foods you like. Photos make it easy to judge portion sizes and stick to your calorie budget.

Be inspired by the 60 low-calorie recipes ranging from 105 to 385 calories. They are easy to prepare and taste great! Need something to nibble on? Choose from the 30 tasty snack ideas to keep you going between meals. All under 100 calories.

Over 600 photos of popular food & drinks
Values for calories, carbs, protein & fat
60 great-tasting, low-calorie recipes & 30 snack ideas

Count your nutrients with food photos

The Carbs & Cals books contain hundreds of photos of popular food & drinks, with up to 6 portion images for each food. This visual approach means keeping track of your diet has never been easier!

Clear, visual format

The Carbs & Cals system is both revolutionary and incredibly simple: nutritional information is clearly displayed in colour-coded tabs around food photos.

At a glance, you can quickly gauge the nutritional content of the food & drink you consume, making it highly effective for learning how to count calories and nutrients. Values for carbs, calories, protein, fat, saturated fat & fibre are shown.

The #1 Carb and Calorie Counter Book for over 3 years

The revolutionary Carbs & Cals method has made it a bestselling book, ranking in the Amazon Top 30 (of 41 million books)!

Amazon Top 30 Bestseller

Download a FREE 30-page sample PDF

Try before you buy with this sample PDF containing a selection of pages from the Carbs & Cals book including a full index of foods.

FREE 30-page Preview PDF

Book Reviews:

  • “My son can look at the pictures and try new foods. We can monitor his intake of carbs and it has made our whole family aware of calories and carb intake.”
    Jo B.
  • “Rarely a day goes by without me using it.”
    Poppy W.
  • “Really excellent book for people who are on calorie diets, as the pictures give a very good guide to portions.”
    Steve L.
  • “Helped me to realise how the portion sizes I was eating were far too large.”
    Penny C.
  • “Explains beautifully how to use plate and portion sizes.”
    D. Blake
  • “Excellent book that visually shows you how much you are (over)eating.”
    Shabir B.
  • “Guesstimates are often way out, so this is a huge help.”
    M. Norris
  • “Has helped me understand and control my carb intake resulting in 2 stone weight loss.”
    Valerie P.
  • “Very good, useful book. Can't believe the calories in the fish and chip takeaway!!!!!”
    L. Cuppleditch
  • “I have lost nearly 3kg so far and have only been using the book for 3 weeks.”
    K. Atkinson
  • “My new bible.”
    James Millington
  • “With big coloured pictures, it's a breeze. Beats all the wordy lists in other guides.”
    Stuart Soper
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